Thursday, April 5, 2012

check out the TIMEGHOUL complete discography 1992-94 on digipack CD !!!

Yesterday evening I was listening some great old Swedish DM demos/eps on youtube like MACRODEX, HOUSE OF USHER, AUTOPSY TORMENT, etc... and my eyes have been lucky enough to be proposed a video from an old american gem named TIMEGHOUL, cool ! Was immediately remembering this ripping DM band, one of the first to have introduced a kind of horror dimension to its great and original sound; then I had the excellent surprise to read in the comments below the video that a CD including both their demos had been recently released !!!
I almost immediately ordered it from Dark Descent rds (as well as the debut of ANHEDONIST which should be another monster !) and as  I know this will interest some of you I wanted to share this... but as there's certainly not many copies left, I advise you to order that very quickly HERE ! Some more details from the label :

For the first time ever on CD Dark Descent Records proudly presents the complete discography from the legendary Science Fiction / Fantasy Death Metal TIMEGHOUL (USA). Born in the Midwest United States in 1987, Doom’s Lyre remained relatively quiet, recording no material before changing their name. In 1991, Doom’s Lyre, now renamed Timeghoul, set out by releasing two demos; 1992’s Tumultuous Travelings and 1994’s Panaramic Twilight.

Largely ignored and mostly forgotten, these recordings did not receive the recognition they deserved until years later. Timeghoul’s eclectic and complex style of US death metal started to gain momentum within the underground as overlooked and classic material.
Prepare for one of the most unique and complex death metal offerings the early 90's had to offer.
Mark Riddick's fantastic original tri-panel artwork covers this fitting six-panel digipak with matte finish. Additionally, this digipak comes with a six-page folder with lyrics and additional notes. This is a one-time limited edition pressing. Get your copy before it's too late!

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