Sunday, April 29, 2012

"Moonliner" vol 1&2 by BRUJAS DEL SOL

Time for some rest by this rainy Sunday... I need  light and serenity, not too quiet though but something heavy, cactchy and spacey at the same time; hum,  let me consult my mailbox... Thanx to the masters of Fuzz and heaviness, I  received again quite many various new materials this week but if I remember well there's a band that should correspond exactly to what I'm looking for : BRUJAS DEL SOL; a trio from Colombus (Ohio) who recently released a couple of pretty cool eps on Bandcamp... 
Find below the links to both "Moonliner" vol 1 & 2 and enjoy their Heavy SPACE Rock full of melodies and DESERT rock sounding jams... a band that should certainly appeal to  fans of DEAD MEADOW and  YAWNING MAN !
If Vol1 is also interesting, my preference goes for the 2nd with longer songs (around 7 minutes) and more achieved arrangements in my opinion. 
This is instrumental stuff for the largest part but I think they could include a bit more vocals like in the excellent "Conquistadors"; the other song from Vol2 "Baba Yaga" is totally amazing with its  more frenzied mood that could remind some spy-film soundtrack...
For the moment, this is just available through "name your price" download via Bandcamp but note that the two volumes will be released on vinyl alongside Vol 3 and bonus tracks later in the year by Devouter Records.

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