Wednesday, April 11, 2012

"Come Taste the Doom" by RITUALS OF THE OAK

I was already circumspect by the lack of exposure and recognition given to RITUALS OF THE OAK after their debut  "the hour of judgement" and how couldn't I be even more, a few months after the release of their sophomore album "Come Taste the Doom" ???                                                              I really feel this is pretty unfair and get almost angry when reading some implied considerations like "they're too limited", "not really sexy," "too monotonous", "not enough technical" or whatever shit that has been writen recently... Before comparing them to any other Doom band (particularly female-fronted ones, considering the presence of Sabine on vocals ) some people should first try to understand that the Aussie quatuor's purpose is not to play something sexy, neither occult,  nor fuzzy or  full of demonstrative solos resulting of obvious NWOBHM influences, no they just simply  enjoy to display some mesmerizing Traditionnal Doom and they do it admirably well here with an emphasis on melodies and some nice accoustic moments.
While their song on the split album with Apostle Of Solitude and Flight of Sleipnir was very long and eyeing on Funeral moods, the overall atmosphere here is still mesmerizing but great hints of radiance are introduced here and there which give a new and catchier sensitivity, particularly on songs like "On the Sixth Moon" or "Serpentine Tongues".
"Come Taste the Doom" shows a real improvement in many terms : production, songwriting, singing, arrangements; more homogeneous, mature and personnal. Now forget the unfairly motivated critics you've read on them and  please give them a new chance...

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