Saturday, April 21, 2012

another solid French hope : BULL TERRIER

Formed in Summer 2011 and consisting in Jo (vocals), Nico (bass), Vince (guit), Yoran (guit) and Nico(drums), BULL TERRIER is a very promising new band from Strasbourg, an area from the East of France that has recently revealed two other nice bands THE PLEDGE OF CAIN and CROWN, those are Sludge but B.T. is pretty different...
Mixing quite many sources of inspiration, the band plays an awesome blend of Stoner and Southern Rock'n'Roll, they like it thick and burning... listen the first extract of their debut demo below, the 2nd song will be soon mixed. Shortly after, both tracks will be streaming on line, but this recording is mainly to be considered as promotional  !
Of course just one song is not enough to have a full and definitive point of view but fuck what a song with this "as Critter's ... in the Bushes"!!! this is extremely heavy, raw and sweaty, the kind of song that is anyway destined to be played several times in a row ;)
The band will be soon giving several gigs, starting by a date in their hometown with PLANET OF ZEUS from Greece (next week, April 24th), check out their FB page for infos about other dates in June with bands like CHIENS, KEHOT RIBOTTE, CARNAGERS... Now enjoy the song and follow BULL TERRIER. 

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