Wednesday, April 11, 2012

they'll conquer and ravage your soul : CHTHE'ILIST

Just a few lines to present you CHTHE'ILIST an Occult / Cryptic Death Metal band from Longueuil/McMasterville (Quebec-Canada), influenced by early 90's  DM, more precisely the finnish school with the likes of  Demigod, Purtenance, Adramelech... and the goldy american death/doom branch with Timeghoul and  Incantation... :)
 For the moment, the band is just a duo, consisting in Philippe Tougas (guit/bass/voc) and Philippe Boucher (drums); they recently recorded their debut demo which should be very soon available, as for now the song "into the vaults of in ingurgitated obscurity" is already available listen to it below, this is completly rad stuff !
It's always a special pleasure to discover a great new band from our cousins of Quebec and even more if it's the sickest and most morbid new DM band I've heard in a long while....

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