Thursday, April 26, 2012

soon to be released on Bilocation rds : CORTEZ double debut lp !!!

A few lines about the soon to be released Double debut lp from Boston's Heavy Stoner band CORTEZ ,  on Bilocation rds out of Germany...
Here's a very experimented quatuor that delivers an amazing blend of 70's Heavy Rock and Doomy Stoner Rock, with an emphasis on groovy riffs and bluesy vocals; sometimes terribly heavy and shredding, sometimes more quiet and almost psychedelic, always characterized by catchy choruses and a strong musicianship.
This is the perfect kind of BIG, LOUD and HEAVY stuff with a slight dirty and rebel edge that should maliciously play with your mind.
You'll  find updates on their pages when the album is exactly released, next month, then don't forget to order this godly piece  HERE !

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