Sunday, April 22, 2012

have a psyche doomy Sunday : enjoy the free downloadable debut of SUN EATER

SUN EATER is a Psychedelic Stoner/Doom trio from Tacoma, WA. Comprised of three college students between the ages of 19 and 20, Sun Eater is bringing a fresh sound to the Psych Heavy Rock genre with an emphasis on heavy riffs, intense guitar solos and quality, all envelopped in delightful Doomy vibes. 
Founded in the Fall of 2011 by Ben Block and Kirby Lochner, they soon picked up Daniel Salas on the drums ; with diverse musical backgrounds between the three members, SUN EATER turns heads with a strong psychedelic sound. 
Working hard in their basement for the past six months, they already show a very interesting identity and  tight musicianship, introducing without any complex (why should they after all ? it's not cause you're so young that you shouldn't be unrestrained and even daring) a great part of jams in their first debut EP, recorded at the band's home in Washington state.  
The guys dig Earthless, Colour Haze, Sleep... The 3 songs are almost entirely instrumental, there's just the end of the 1st that introduce some raw and straight vocals, but in no way there's a lack towards this... when you got such a talented guitarist in yer band, that's not a problem at all  if nothing is too pre-etablished; keep on this way guys, I'm sure lots of great things are awaiting you...
Enjoy this free download and read more about them here soon !!

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  1. Hello there guys. Have a question. Is it possible to find Ayahuasca Dark Trip's first and second album on your blog?
    Hope you're able to. Cheers !