Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Behind this enigmatic (?) title, we've got here a 2 songs affair from HAWKEYES, a 6 piece  coming from Ontario (Canada)...
Six guys and the band is instrumental....! does this mean there's special instruments or even just keyboards aside the usual guitars and rythmic sections ? not really, just make your count :

Guitars: PF, RA, Streetknife, Kaiser
Bass Guitar: Blackout
Drums: SS

Indeed 4 guitarists, that's pretty singular and must be something particularly impressive to see and hear live... Their self-described “chaotic, psychedelic brand of space-doom” is a pretty accurate description of HAWKEYES’ sound. A heavy, dark, and monolithic ambience is set by their rythmic section and the four guitarists  mounting texture upon texture, are weaving a multitude of tones around that monolithic base.
With a credo as evocative as "Tune down, Turn up", this is logically always extremely fuzzy, but both songs are slighlty different though; the first "their Lust Grows with their Size" tends more on a psychedelic mood , while the tempo of "Dawn of the Deaf" is doomier and very heady.
Coming back to the title "SSS002​-​A", it's not that ennigmatic as it's just the label's reference of the product, that is not only digitally available on Bandcamp but also released  as a split tape with Eyes Like Candy on Springs Skull (the 2nd release and side A for HAWKEYES... led to this, just as simple !)... Check out this exciting introduction to their upcoming full length debut album !!!


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