Monday, April 30, 2012

"Tales of Deadly Addictions" by BEAR BRAWLER

Out from Normandy (France) here comes BEAR BRAWLER with their new ep "Tales of Deadly Addictions"... 4 songs here for about 25 minutes, including "Shine Down" that some of you may have yet heard on the compilation "Book of Riff Elations vol 1"
Even if I just discovered it too, I can point out that there's a great improvement over their debut "Tales from the Putrid Swamp" : in the production first, which is far more massive and homogeneous , but also in the songwriting more careful and less predictable.
Sure, the american Sludge influences of Crowbar, Down and Eye Hate God are still  detectable, not as obvious though, but the  overall  is groovier. There's slighlty more of a Stoner/Doom  feeling here which implies more variations in the moods, making a great part to slower tempos, nicely twisted, groovy and hammering , that amazingly remind me some Black Pyramid catchiness in several parts !!!
The band belongs to the classic Sludge category which in my opinion takes as much from Doom, Stoner, Southern Rock  and Metal than in HC, there's indeed nothing particularly noisy and filthy but a solid ability for massive riffage with raw and agressive vocals... 
Where this could have been a full debut album with some old songs as fillers, this  ep is  still a real step forward which also shows that BEAR BRAWLER cleverly makes things in order; next step will be logically a full length and I'm convinced that it will blow lots of  ears away, as for now be ahead of the masses and check out their bandcamp page...
This is just on streaming for the moment but a physical release of this nice effort is expected within the next months, so watch out for it and  support this gnarly Bear ! 

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