Sunday, February 17, 2013

... Echoes Of Yul "cold ground"

Avantgarde Music from Italy is a wellknown label that did a lot for the Black Metal scene over the 20 past years but with the split of the genres and multiplication of label companies - among other possible reasons, the standard Doom fan has probably lost a great part of their traces for a while... and then suddenly, a brillant release helps the name to come back to your surface, this unexpected surprise was submited to me under the form of ECHOES OY YUL's new album "Cold Ground" !

This weird duo from Poland plays some unique form of Atmospheric Drone/Doom with post-industrial hints, all out instrumental - just regularly cheered-up by vocal samples !
This is maybe more specific to such a trippy genre but it is really the kind of album that needs to be listened wholly in a row (or two or more) , like a cinematic journey and if possible with headphones. Deep, slow, mysterious with layered guitars, frightening echoes, Michal explores here spacy territories where samples act not just as an addition of ambient/experimental sounds but also suggest frequently visual transcriptions in grotesque imagery or fantasy .
There's 13 songs, no fillers even if some shortest ones are good enough in just a role of transition between different long structured soundscapes like "Numbers", "Libra" (that doomy oriental mood is delightful) "Save Yourself", "Cold Ground" and "Last" are stunning pieces full of dark moods, sometimes introspective, graceful at others with an almost divine feeling of  nature elements pushing you like wind, water, air... The atmopsheres are dark, sometimes distressing but never painful or unsustainable.
If your into Swans, Jesu, Godflesh, then imagine an addition of a slight pinch of Winter, GGFH (for some scary samples) and Wardruna , and for sure this will with no doubt seduce you in no time, but curious people can also find easily their count of thrilling emotions in this nice 1 hour drama...Try this original experience !

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