Wednesday, February 6, 2013

... New FREE Single + record deal !!! a little chat with SHROUD EATER...

"Formed in Miami, Florida in 2009, Shroud Eater is a brooding three-piece juggernaut blending sludge, doom and stoner metal riffs with gruff howls and intense tribal drumming. Drawing comparisons to High on Fire and Helmet with a Kyuss groove, Shroud Eater have established themselves as a ferocious live act with a uniquely refreshing take on the stoner/sludge/doom metal genre. The trio have self-released a demo in 2009, a full length album in 2011, embarked on several east-coast and Florida-state tours, opened and run an underground music venue in South Florida, and are set to release a new EP in May 2013 via The Path Less Traveled Records."

NOW please enjoy the new first single of this awesome fuzzed-out power-trio that is comprised of Jean (guit/voc), Janette (bass/back voc) and Felipe (drums) : "Tempest" is a hulking six-minutes rager with a thick and gritty production that complements ultimately the shredding megalithic riffage of the song, vocals sound more cutting and that growing intensity in the middle part is striking !!!
Longer than the average usual 4 minuters they're used to deliver, Shroud Eater are very welcome to take their time more methodically, being able to bring an  emotionally driving epic touch to their  growing atmospheres.
Maybe the following remark will make no sense, at least from a feminist perspective, but I'm honestly very impressed by girls who compose so HEAVY stuff with such quality and sensibility  ; bands like Undersmile, Project Armaggedon, ShEver and ... Shroud Eater ! they are all different but all have a unique touch in their style.

Jean has been kind enough to answer a few questions I sent her after listening this burning single, I still don't know how many songs this EP will contain (as it'll be out in a few months, I perfectly understand that infos will be revealed little by little...) but one thing I feel like almost certain is that this "Dead Ends" will be one of the highlights of the year !

- It's been 2 years now that "ThunderNoise" was released, was it your will to take your time to record new stuff or was the delay due to particular circumstances ?

We actually recorded this material in March and April of last year. It took us a while because we were playing a lot of shows in 2011, and in order to write we need to hibernate in our cave and just work on the new stuff. Once the songs were finished recording in early April of 2012, there were a lot of delays and setbacks between people who needed to mix it and what not... just typical stuff that happens.

- "Dead Ends" will come out in May on The Path Less Traveled Records, can you present its content ? Could you please tell us how did signing happen ?

The signing was a very casual thing. I’ve heard of and enjoyed some of the artists on The Path Less Traveled Records for a few years, and Sean (who runs the label) had also seen and heard of us for a while too. I reached out to him, and he expressed interest in working with us. I like that he has a diverse roster of artists because I think Shroud Eater is difficult to place musically. We are not a “sludge” or “doom” band in the traditional sense, although we definitely use those elements in a heavy-handed way, but with our own spin. It’s a great feeling to be working with someone who appreciates our style and is giving us the platform to do our thing musically.

- Last year the song "Pale Rider" was featured on "Swamp Abyss Sorcery", a compilation gathering various types of floridean bands into Underground Metal (along with yours I remember about awesome songs from Fatal, Hollow Leg and Fire in the Cave !!!) ... did it help you to catch new fans attention ?

I’m really not sure if we in particular received new fans from the comp, but it was a great idea and effort that was set into motion by Hot Graves. Personally I really enjoyed the entire compilation, and most (if not all) the bands on it are good friends of mine. If anything, I think the compilation helped to show people that Florida is definitely ripe with heavy underground talent that is really diverse and hungry to be exposed.

- The 1st single of the EP, "Tempest" is already listenable and even freely downloadable, it clearly shows a great improvement in terms of production with a very thick and massive sound, who did you work with in the studios ? Did you have a different approach for this new recording than for both previous efforts ?

We recorded with Jonathan Nunez, who knows a lil’ something about getting heavy sounds recorded well. Our approach is always the same - go in, get it done.
 - I've seen that you've got several dates planned for the next weeks/months, could you tell more about those live plans and which bands will you be sharing the stage with ?

We played our first gig of the new year last Wednesday opening for Corrections House. The whole thing was memorable, and we got some very encouraging words from people we’ve respected and admired for a long time. Definitely a good way to kick off the year. For 2013, we are planning on getting out of town as much as we can. I’ve booked a small tour in February that takes us through the Southeast, I’m really looking forward to playing with our buds in Demonaut again, as well as checking out Order of the Owl live and in person. In Nashville, TN we’ll be jamming with Brother Ares, who are way killer - I’ve only heard them on the internet so I’m stoked about the live performance. When we get to Asheville, NC, we get to play with our friends (and Miami ex-pats) Kreamy Lectric Santa, who are a punkish band with amazing musicianship. Then we return to Jacksonville, FL and play with our brothers in Hollow Leg. For March we have a few southern and central Florida gigs, and then late April we go out on the road with our Miami pals Holly Hunt for a couple of weeks.

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