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... veneracion del Doom : an Interview with REINO ERMITANO

When speaking about REINO ERMITANO, it's hard to avoid thinking immediately about Doom with mystery and grace, not only because of their Peruvian origins and the beautiful voice of Tania Duarte but also for their amazing 70's prog edge, drawing mysticism and psychedelic atmospheres, associated with relentless traditional Doom fundamentals.
This band has already released 4 albums, each showing successively a neat development, the last one "Veneracion del Fuego" (reviewed here by the lord Steve Miller !) -released through I Hate rds- was one of the most solid releases of the genre in 2012.
Did you check it out ? if not it's now time to repent ! personally  I must admit that I've just recently discovered how good it was, so I felt quickly curious to know a bit more about this latest release and plans for the new year... Thanx to Marcos (bass) for having answered the following few questions :

- So how has been the response to the new album "veneracion del fuego" ?

It's been pretty great, actually! Seems like this one's popped up on the radar all over the place. Reviews have been mostly very uplifting and people seem to be digging it, which is pretty cool. We have no complaints.

- Are you satisfied with the release and promotional conditions of I Hate rds ?

Yeah, I think they're awesome with that… they send out a shitload of promos, and they actually do reach people who are very much into the doom scene and get the word out. I have only good things to say about their CD release.
- There's not many underground metal bands with female singers coming from South America and logically they're even more rarely playing Doom, does it make Reino Ermitano very different from the other bands for the local fans ?

I guess so, there are not many metal bands with female singers around here at all, and I don't think I've ever seen a female-fronted doom act in Lima, either. We don't really think too much about that, though, Tania is certainly unique in what she brings, and yet she is an integral part of the band, you know? We reckon we're gonna' be different often in many fronts, and it's normal for us… I couldn't really tell you how different or strange it feels for the audience, it feels like home to me!

 - How do you see the evolution of the band's sound which becomes more and more developed with interesting new soundscapes (use of harp particularly) ?

Well, we do love these different styles of music and always think of throwing something like folky arrangements and instruments into the mix, just without straying into anything TOO proggy/experimental/fusion/etc. It's all open, and we're all for going wherever the hell desire takes us with the band, so long as we're still within the heavy and all that we love, there's certainly a traditional doom binding element, but it's flexible. About our sound, I think we have been able to improve it gradually, strip it down to the most organic, loud and "live", and soup up our gear over time to get to where we are now, but also every album has it's own sound not just because of technical limitations and possibilities, but because of the way each album's music is in itself, so I expect our next one's sound will have some variation from our last one, for sure.

- Do you intend to come to Europe playing live someday in 2013 or 2014 ?
We really wanted to go there in 2013 but unfortunately reality had other plans. We will be there in 2014 for sure.

- I guess you're already working on a new album, could you give us some infos about it yet ?
Yeah, we're well into it right now, in fact. We're practicing new songs, we have a bit over half an album's worth of material already happening, and hope to record in the coming months. It's all very much within our vein, but it takes more than a few steps towards new directions also. And it's getting heavier, too. We hope it lives up to our expectations, so far I'm really fucking happy with where it's going.
Cheers brother, thanks for the interview. DOOM ON.

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