Wednesday, February 13, 2013

... From RUSSIA, enjoy the dark sounds of NOYE's "Away"

Out from Russia, here we have a pretty singular release from NOYE (which means "escape" in old prussian)... singular, because this first full-length includes 4 songs (out of 11) from another band called Kratong - but this is not a SPLIT release ! Sure those songs are very short instrumental introductions or interludes which let place to ambient electronic experiments but their presence needs to be underlined cause those gloomy and lethargic moments are ingeniously placed, especially "Dark Wings" before such a torrent of cutting Sludge like "Fracture" is !

Released last November, "Away" was recorded, mixed and mastered at Sounds Great Promotion Studio (Poland) by Kuba Mańkowski and Jan Galbas -guys who previously worked also with Blindead, Behemoth, Obscure Sphinx, Satellite Beaver, Broken Betty, God's Own Prototype.... This, just to say that production wise - this effort is faultless, thick and massive with a gritty touch that fits perfectly well with the strong bleakness surrounding each NOYE's compositions.

The tempo is mid-paced and eyeing on Post Metal on some songs like "Hrimthurs" and "The Self" but the overall always remain extremely heavy and roaring with "Mire" and "Terror" as both awesome highlights of the album.

Loud and intense, monolithic and sometimes uncanny but not apocalyptic or hateful at anytime, there's something in common here with Serial Hawk from Seattle which I interviewed a couple of months ago, just that NOYE has a PM touch coupled with their unrelenting Sludge while S.H. add some Stoner instead...

Nothing particularly new on "Away" but nothing to complain about on the other hand, this is a solid 1st album full of intensity, catchy and ominous textures . Russia and ex-USSR republics are little by little revealing great promising bands in a more varied field of extreme HEAVY sounds than in the early 2000's and NOYE has everything to be one of the spearheads of this new wave...

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