Tuesday, February 19, 2013


In the interview we had together about one year ago, Stéphane Azam from Crown presented in a few lines Superstrong,  the structure/label he had recently created along with local buddies -  in order to help bands from the area of Colmar (Alsace, France) in distribution, promotion...

SuperStrong rds roaster actually includes Crown, Six In Line and JIZZLOBBER and we gonna speak here about the EP of this last one, the 3rd released by the label ! It's amazing how  such a rather small town like Colmar can recover so different types of HEAVY sounds with a real quality that could finally become a trademark...
Very punchy and in-your-face, the quatuor is here to smash your head with flat-out heavy songs; well-balanced with basic influences from Torche, Old Man Gloom and Mastodon, added to older ones from the 90's like Faith No More (mainly vocally wise), Voivod or even a  tough Soundgarden, this EP has all the aspects of an excellent Sludge/Stoner record but the band also adds in a few ideas of its own.
100% heavy with twisted and corrosive dynamics, oscillating nicely between brutality and somber psyched-out melodies, Jizzlobber like to top their songs with soaring solos, frantic rock'n roll impulses and even doomy heaviness... Wild and refreshing, that's a very interesting debut !

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