Sunday, February 24, 2013

TOTAL NEGATION – "Zur späten Stunde / Zeiträume"

Honestly, when I read the describing words “one man project, depressive black metal, krautrock, melodica and vibraphone” I expected to hear one of these chaotic sound messes no one understands, but the artist himself.

To my surprise and joy I was mistaken. Instead of the expected unintelligible chaos I heard intense atmospheric music created “simply” with well structured songs going into depth, with an immense feel for dramatic exciting melodies and tension building rythms., without any bombastic hoopla or typical genre attitudes.

The two EPs “Zur späten Stunde” and “Zeiträume” are the 3rd release ( March 31st 2013) of the German one man project “Total Negation” (alias Wiedergänger). They consist of four songs each, are closely connected to each other and are of a conceptual structure.

Thematically “Zur späten Stunde” deals with the delirious transition from wake to sleep and dream with all its strange and frightening, but also enlightening visions, sounds and thoughts.

"Zeiträume” deals with the dream and how dream and reality mix and mingle and create a new state of mind and emotion.

Corresponding with this theme of progress, the songs also progress from a sort of “traditional” depressive black metal style to a more and more permeable structure that allows trippy psychedelic krautrock elements to seep into it, like the dream world seeps into the waking.

The black metal roots are present throughout though, prominently the bleak, screechy vocals.

But right from the beginning there are dreamscapes to wander through. A variety of atmospheres unfold. Hypnotizing drum rhythms, melancholic melodies, menacing ghostly sounds, distorted crackles…

On “Zeiträume” the vibraphone and melodica sounds appear strange like the dream world is strange to the waking reality, but soon the contradiction melts away when the soft vibraphone melodies begin to correspond with the “soft” blastbeat of the drums. Then again…, disturbing sounds, screeming vocals…, sounds merge and mix in thrilling changes. Ghostly gloomy psychedelic sounds are overlaid by the soothing vibraphone.

This is no massive wall of sound though, rather like several layers of beaded curtains, thick but permeable, inspiring different emotions at the same time.

“Zur späten Stunde / Zeiträume” is impressive, unique, exciting, BEAUTIFUL!

Words by Ulla Roschat

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