Friday, February 1, 2013

...DOOMLORD "Evil Rises Again" - 1st single

"Consisting in Dark Nerudas (Voc), Kevin Rosado (Guit), Pedro Canelaria (Guit), Athelknatch Saldat (bass) and  Joshua Lopez (Drums), DoomLord is a new Power/Doom Metal band from Puerto Rico, with traditional heavy metal bases as Black Sabbath & Deep Purple, and an epic doom style as Candlemass and Solitude Aeturnus.

In December 2012 DoomLord entered the studio to record their first CD which first single will be available in February 2013 and full CD will be ready as a CD/DVD in the summer.

In March 2013 DOOMLORD will record their 1st Live DVD as part of SATAN's HOST opening show.

DOOMLORD is working on what will be their promotional CD/DVD tour in summer of 2013."

The single is now available and should appeal to many  into Epic Power/Heavy/Doom Metal with a very pronounced 80's feel to it; this may not be particularly original (influences are aptly pointed out in their own words, I just think there's more an influence in RJ Dio in general than just B.S. and then this leads and needs also to name Rainbow !) but is very tightly played, got a great dose of melody, twirling solos, commanding dark and epic vocal tone and this is just an appetizer of what Dark Nerudas and buddies have in stock !

The time when stuff from central or south-American underground bands was often suffering from bad production, poor instrumentation, etc... is definitely over and DoomLord is another proof of it. Another thing that is interesting : if you think that female vocals with guts, passion, balls and epicness all together do not exist in Doomy fields, then it won't take you too long to admit you were wrong !!!
Don't miss them and watch out for more from those solid warriors in a few months \m/


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