Saturday, January 5, 2013

... Last 2012 TOP 10 lists from Beaten Back To Pure, Fire Faithful + Givethemrope !!!

Thanx to Scott Harington, here come some more TOP 10 lists from 313 INC Artists (well, this is definitely the LAST part for 2012 !)... 313 Inc. Artist Management is a multi faceted company that handles all aspects of career management and artist development , some other bands in his roster are Order of the Owl, King Giant, When the Deadbolt Breaks, Sixty Watt Shaman, Hour of 13, Ichabod...

Ben Hogg (Beaten Back To Pure/vocalist)

1. Witchcraft-Legend
1a. Pallbearer-Sorrow and Extinction
2. Gypsyhawk-Revelry and Resilience
3. Midnight-Satanic Royalty
4. Bastard Sapling-Dragged from our Trance
5.MGLA-With Hearts Towards None
6. Hellgoat-Anoited in Blood and Ash
8.Denial of God-Death and the Beyond
9.Leviathan-True Traitor True Whore
10.Witchcross-Fit for Fight (sweet reissue)


Shane Ripp (Fire Faithful/guitarist)
1. Graveyard -Lights Out
2. High on Fire- de vermis mysteriis
3. Orange Goblin - A Eulogy for the Damned
4. Fiona Apple - The Idler Wheel Is Wiser Than the Driver of the Screw and Whipping Cords Will Serve You More Than Ropes Will Ever Do
5. Corrosion of Conformity - Corrosion of Conformity
6. Corrosion of Conformity - The Megalodon
7. Trampled by Turtles- Stars and Satellites
8. Om, Advaitic Songs (this will most likely make it higher, just started listening to it.)
9. The Sword - Apocryphon
10. Down - Down IV (The Purple EP)

Rian Poltrone (givethemrope/guitarist)

1. Venomous Maximus - Beg Upon The Light
2. Converge - All We Love We Leave Behind
3. Mount Carmel - S/T
4. Lana Del Ray - Born To Die
5. Down - The Purple EP
6. Primate - Draw Back A Stump
7. Saint Vitus - Lillie F-65
8. Jack White - Blunderbuss
9. Pig Destroyer - Book Burner
10. Haarp - Husks
11. Goatwhore - Blood For The Master
12. Baroness - Yellow and Green
13. High On Fire - De Vermis Mysteriis

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