Monday, January 7, 2013


And here's another interesting EP of 2012 that came to me like an unexpected nice Christmas present ! Just by knowing that GORGANTHERRON will play at next DOTD fest, I should have paid attention before to that name, but, thanx to Kathy Reeves, this trio from Indiana's Evansville and T.o.P. are now in touch and hell yeah, that's fucking cool !!!
This EP contains 6 songs for about 25 minutes, pretty short but striking, the band leaves long and epic songs for others (at least on this 1st effort); at some point the strong 80's Metallic edge of the band is certainly a reason to this. Straight and authentic are two essential caracters of both first songs "Mothra" and "Lost in Space" with earth-shaking riffs and thunderous rythmics. Those particularly up-beat affairs remind me a bit of "Coven of Cain" from the last TGOS, just not sounding as bitter and pissed !
"Assimilate" starts with a bluesy intro and then a sabbathian mood with Clint Logan (guit/voc) taking an amazing direction in his lyrical expression, very deep and hypnotic in the vein of Pete Steel... At about 4:40 it turns into crazy soloing to make it the longest song of the album, maybe not the catchiest but assuredly the darkest and most psychedelic. Black Sabbath is naturally mentioned in their funny bio (read it on their fb) as well as Iron Maiden both first lps, when you have talented musicianship and lives it with passion like those guys seem to , ain't that the best references possible ?!?!
"Cemetery Shoes" comes back to more traditionnal Metal influenced structures with a slight Stoner tone, great vocals hooks and captivating, melodic guitars work; this one is a real winner and tends to confirm that from tracks to tracks, progressively, the band developps an indentity far more rich than your average new band.
"Gorgantherron" is the doomiest of all 6 songs, more simple and not as twisted as in previous songs, the basical riff is plodding and much heavier, I quickly surprised myself  humming that "all hail gorgantherron" and regreting this one was also a bit too short ! There's a funny touch here which is refreshing for the genre, just as the bio suggests some interesting things in the lyrical content that is closely related to sci-fi.
Without being boring "Andromeda" ends this nice debut averagely, certainly the weakest composition but nothing that can prevent me to think that this band definitely proves on this debut a lot in terms of dynamics and variation of tempos, in this sense, even if GORGANTHERRON are doomier and logically not as brutal, fans of  High On Fire should like them too ! The basis of a memorable sound is all here...

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