Monday, January 21, 2013

... MOTHERSLUG "s/t" EP review

Motherslug are a five piece, stoner doom band located in Melbourne Australia, they formed their current line-up in 2011 around Matt: Lead Guitar / Ferg: Rhythm Guitar / Cyn: Bass / Nick: Drums / Cam: Vocals.
They recently released their 1st self-titled EP which contains 4 songs for a total length of about 25 minutes. Nothing special in terms of originality, the band plays some pretty classical, yet terribly infectious Stoner/Doom in the vein of Black Sabbath, early Sleep and Kyuss (mainly vocally wise).

The song "Symptome (of the human race)" starts as a fuzzy introduction to the Motherslug's sound, those warm and hoarse  vocals remind John Garcia in its highest form; musically, the bands previously mentioned sound like serious influences but through a strong and thick interpretation, plus some additional great parts of down-tuned doomy drone too, Motherslug quickly catches attention and respect.
"Rollin'" has a groovier touch, crunchy as hell it allowes Cam to show some interesting variations, he doesn't follow one specific way of singing all along the EP and that John Garcia reference can then turn into another one to Theo Mindell (on this "rollin") or Steve Murphy (from Kings Destroy, on the next)... I like very much the foggy mood in the middle part with droning distorted guitars inducing a nice trance world of hypnotic heaviness.

"Devils Rise", although ending in a brief thunderous up-tempo, confirms this taste for the slow darker side of stoner with a deep fuzzy bass sound.
Clocking at about 9 minutes, "Space Man" is the longest tune, growing gradually, it is the doomiest too; crushing guitars, rumbling bass, gloomier vocals, it's a ploding descent filled with megalithic proportions.

In an overcrowded worldwide Stoner/Doom scene, Motherslug is not just another new band with an easy-going name, image and style, there's something more from them than mere photocopy or pastiche, a bleak dimension that certainly needs more development which I'm convinced will be soon confirmed... This EP is downloadable from bandcamp and a limited run of CDs are available at gigs, Melbourne independent record stores and Ozium Records in Sweden.

Motherslug will be soon playing DoomNations Festival 2013 with YOB, Elder, Hangman's Chair and a bunch of other fuzzy local acts (including from NZ).

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