Saturday, January 12, 2013

... The Swan King / Tellusian -split EP-

Released through Hell Comes Home rds, this split ep is part from a serie which consists in 12 split eps that for the most part we gonna present you within the next days... Each split is available individually (physically and digitally) but there's also a complete box set available at very reasonnable price !!!  and all this is just volume 1,  so believe me, HCH rds is just at the beginning of its future rich history... support !

"The Coldest Of Seasons" comes from Malmö based TELLUSIAN, who make an impression with their at times hectic and mostly sinister style. The song owes something to both the meandering works of Neurosis or earlier Cult Of Luna and the condensed yet hectic songwriting ethos of fellow Scandinavians like Dunderbeist or Stonegard, which are equally hard to pigeonhole. The song is quite accessible, but THE SWAN KING's "Between The Lies" surpasses it. The band from Chicago indulges in prosaic Stoner Rock at first sight, yet paints wider, more open soundscapes within conventional song format with an inspired solo and melodic singing which is, at last, not just present for the sake of it.

words by Andreas Schiffmann

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