Monday, January 7, 2013

.... FRAGMENT "Temporary Enlightenment"

Brainchild of Thierry A., a musician/composer based in Lyon (France), FRAGMENT is a one-man-project born in 2006 which has just digitally released its brand new album called : "Temporary enlightenment", expected on CD edition via  OPN Records (Lambwool, Sigma Octantis...) at the end of January.
Several releases (EP, split, albums, compilations) on various labels (ConSouling Sounds, Denovali Records, Happy Prince...) in many years, contributed to make Fragment's music an addictive cocktail of alternative, ambient, drone, metal, shoegaze, slowcore, industrial and electronica elements : "Temporary enlightenment" is the natural consequence of all those creative experiences.
While waiting for the official physical release, the album is available right now for entire streaming/legal download on Bandcamp.

For fans of Jesu, Nadja, Godflesh, My Bloody Valentine...

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