Monday, January 14, 2013


This Hell Comes Home vol 1 (12 splits EP series) contains definitely a great range of nice bands and another promising split was this COFFINWORM / FISTULA, some of the best punishing and filthy Sludge coming out from the States !!!

It had been a little while since I didn't listen to Coffinworm, this "Instant Death Syndrome" was a great occasion to repair this unfair neglect and suddenly something obvious comes in mind : with their album "When all Became none"  those guys have been a serious influence for many actual new bands into Blackened Sludge, just think among others about the debut album of Primitive Man...
Death, Doom, Destruction, that's about the rule of Coffinworm and damn they're deeply sickening at it ! Starting on a sinister mood, the song quickly turns into an abrasive mid-tempo with those impressive guttural and grim growls, the classical acceleration is simply collosal, reminding their abilities to degenerate a song in brutal malignancy are impressive, just as their taste to slow-down considerably the tempo and excel in a massive glacial slow-ending... their second album should be one of the highlights of the genre in 2013.

Fistula are an underestimated band that have released many many stuff in a relative confidentiality especially here in Europe. They are also filthy and vicious but not with that misanthropic command like Coffinworm, instead you'd better imagine some down-tempo HC approach with infected sabbathian groove on this "Drugs and Deception". Fistula like to make their tunes pretty long and well-balanced for the genre while remaining almost constantly ugly which is also due certainly to Jesse Kling vocals - always as gnarly and despaired at the same time. Let's hope that in 2013 those guys will keep active all their musical projects including The Disease Concept and of course Fistula !

Definitely an essential purchase (just a few copies left, hurry up...)

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