Monday, January 28, 2013

... BILIS SICARIO "Encuentro de Sutilezas"

BILIS SICARIO is a Mexican instrumental project influenced by the psychedelic Baja desert.
"The Baja desert... where deep inside another dimension, where in between the worlds of reality and infinity, where outside of the boundaries of your own imagination, the music will take over to guide you to ..."

With a very special Latin flavor, this 4 songs EP "Encuentro de Sutilezas" is a trippy journey of about 25 minutes that is highly recommended to fans of ORQUESTA DEL DESIERTO, BRANT BJORK and the Bros (think about "Saved By Magic" and "Somera sol") or  YAWNING MAN... At times, just like those great ambassadors of Desert Rock  do it so nicely, BILIS SICARIO prove that this style of music doesn't only mean burning rockin' stuff but also trippy refinement and sensibility !

It's a name your price affair, so listen this carefully... before donating a few bux ;)

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