Monday, September 5, 2011

10 000 views... not that bad for a debut !?

Started mid-March this year, in french and then about one month later exclusively in english, TEMPLE OF PERDITION has reached yesterday evening its 10 000th views !!! Sure this could seem a bit "ridiculous" compared to bigger entities or institutions like Doommantia or The Obelisk who reach this number in just one day and half (!), but coming from a country where DOOM speaks seriously to only about one hundred guys, being accountant aged 42 and leaving in the asshole of Brittany gives attenuating circumstances !!!
More seriously,  it grows little by little, slowly but regularly and the feeback is positive; so I consider this is a symbolic 1st cape that satisfies me today :) (maybe not tomorrow though !!!)

Again, I would like to thank you all for your interest in supporting the DOOM scene and T.O.P. in particular... you'd better continue because I'm really motivated !
I had done a fanzine (paper) during 4 years, back in the late 80's/early 90's, which was an awesome experience; today, even if the purpose is the same (support underground metal ,that was DEATH metal at the time and now is mainly DOOM), things have changed a lot, much easier for the most part but for a small part more difficult in this ultra concurrential bloggers world ! This is very very exciting and I wish sometimes I could spend more time for the blog but I'd like to wait a few more years before my wife demands divorce, haha !

Most popular posts so far have been :

ORCHID interview
1st Half of 2011's poll
both are very recent but KINGS DESTROY and SHEAVY interviews have yet good numbers too...

it's easier to analyze why a post is so popular, than why another one (which would have by far my preference compared to others) gets disappointing stats... My biggest disappointment was the results with the BLOOD FARMERS int' which deserved a lot more interest, first cause this is an awesome band, second because David made it fuckin' interesting (but it's never too late, so, if not done yet, read it now mutha !!! )... that won't prevent me from doing another one with this so talented artist, as soon as the new album will be out !
Like in everyday's life, there's always to learn, that's also why this "adventure" is rewarding, both from a human and cultural point of view.

Now about the participants :

USA = 37%
FRANCE = 13%
UK & GERMANY = 7% each

other countries like SWEDEN, BRAZIL, BELGIUM, SPAIN, BULGARIA and RUSSIA have given several dozens of views each, while CROATIA, PORTUGAL, MEXICO, BENGLADESH, CHINA, INDONESIA, COLOMBIA, PERU or VENEZUELA are somewhere behind...

Reading this, it's obvious that starting the blog in french was a mistake but fortunately it didn't last too long !
Finding the USA at the first place isn't really a surprise in itself, I think this is the biggest market for METAL and DOOM in particular  but the proportion is pretty outstanding somewhere, because  it's growing constantly, reaching nearly 50% for the past month !  We'll see how it evolutes within the next months...

I already said it, but if you have any special request, commentaries or whatever to express, don't hesitate to drop me a line about it... Finally, I've included on your right a column for people who'd like to become member of the TEMPLE, I don't give much importance to this number but being warned when a new message is posted can make things easier for you, as I publish regularly new stuff; thanx to the 7 brave guys who have done it yet for a while (especially Carcinos the first ever !).

Cheers and keep on supporting the DOOM scene !



  1. I think this a great site, the interviews are top-notch.

  2. Salut Stef ! Félicitations pour ce succès, beau résultat effectivement vu l'audience du genre en France. Alors, bravo et... Doom oooooonnnn !