Wednesday, September 28, 2011

short teaser + presentation of UZALA's debut album by Chad Remains

Delivering some very interesting vintage fuzzy Doom with dark enchanting female vocals, UZALA has gained a solid following with their awesome demo and many gigs with prestigious bands like Yob, Dark Castle, Weedeater, Red Fang, Zoroaster, Cough, Wolvserpent and many others...
Their debut album now recorded, here's in a few lines what Chad (guit) has to say about it :

We are preparing for the release of our first full length self titled LP. Recorded in the spring of 2011 at the Visual Arts Collective by Blake Green (WOLVSERPENT) and mastered by Andy Lippoldt (Persistence in Mourning)

Available on vinyl through At War With False Noise and on cassette through Witch Sermon come November or December. Cover art by the lovely and talented Darcy Nutt (UZALA) and the design is by the ever masterful Stephen O'Malley (Burning Witch, KHANATE, SUNNO))), Aethenor)

Contains new songs such as "Batholith", "Ice Castle", "WarDrums", and a few songs re-recorded from the four song demo from last year. We felt these songs deserved a better performance and a better recording, so we did them again with Blake at the helm. We are very pleased with the results and we are also pleased to have Nick Phit (Graves at Sea, Atriarch) join us on this album on bass as well as joining as a member of UZALA. Timothy "Hammerhands" Harris played drums on "WarDrums" as well as help with arranging that new song.

The cassette version will contain the bonus track "Cataract" and as yet we do not have plans to release this on CD. Time will tell...
We are also working on three new songs for splits with the killer bands PALLBEARER, MALA SUERTE, and BONGRIPPER. Also talking with Norwegian rippers HIGH PRIEST OF SATURN about a split as well.

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