Tuesday, September 6, 2011

"return to earth" by SIGIRIYA

With "capricorn" (Orchid) and "carnal altar" (Serpent Venom), The Church Within rds has puted out brilliant releases during the first part of 2011, prooving more than ever that this is THE rising star in the highly competitive environment of the doom/stoner record companies; but will the programm of the second half be as good ?!!!
Obviously YES if we yet just consider that Lord Vicar's new album comes out pretty soon and simultaneously with Spancer (a godly piece of sludge soon reviewed here too) due to be released by mid-september, there's "return to earth" the debut album of SIGIRIYA... Coming from Wales, these guys aren't newcomers in the scene at all, even if their actual name doesn't evoke you much for the moment; indeed there's two good and essential reasons that will help you to definitely remember that moniker : 1st this is at 80% the same line-up as ACRIMONY (cultish stoner band who broke up 8 years ago after a split album with Church Of Misery) and 2nd this debut album simply kills !
While ACRIMONY was a fantastic purveyor of psychedelic stoner doom, SIGIRIYA (name of Sri Lanka's holiest mountain)  is more into heavy rockin' stoner metal...
8 years have passed, they certainly have grown up as musicians, compositors and just as humans, being more positive and mature; I certainly wouldn't say that the general atmosphere doesn't smell green smoke anymore but the horizon seems more clear and bright.
As a natural result, the music of SIGIRIYA sounds more modern, percussive and direct with a developped sense of refreshing groove; being self-financed (the band signed later with Church Within)  the recording of this debut album has been done rather quickly which certainly accentuates the excellent live and raw type of sound that fits perfectly well with this new approach.
While "whisky song" is certainly the most representative song of the album (sounding seriously like a riff-rock potential hit) my fave one is the closer "deathtrip to Eryi" which takes you step by step in an intersideral cosmic journey of 10 minutes full of harmony and deepness... I wouldn't be surprised if a more important part of next album takes that subtle direction ! Well, as for now, you can buy eyes closed this godly "return to earth" from these top notch STONER merchants...
To end this, you have to know that  there's  perspectives about a tour, early 2012, with  their label mates Lord Vicar... AMAZING !!!


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