Monday, September 26, 2011

1st edition by CAST IRON CROW

When a biography is sufficiently comprehensive and realistic while remaining humble and faithful, like this one, I have no qualms about doing a quick  copy / paste !!!

"CAST IRON CROW is a four piece grunge / alt metal Bay Area band that channels the sounds of their childhood. When Alice in Chains released their debut record "Facelift" in Aug of ...1990, Cast Iron Crow held an average age of less than a year old. However, their early exposure to Grunge has perhaps lent itself to giving their music an effortless authenticity.
The band's sound transports the listener to a time, when MTV and the radio airwaves were dominated by the relevant and timeless music that the grunge era provided. Having consumed and digested the best rock music had to offer in the last 20 years, Cast Iron Crow has the benefit of a perspective that allows them to tastefully blend elements of their favorite sub genres of the 90's and on. A cup of Alice in Chains a pinch of Soundgarden a dash of Tool a sprinkle of a Perfect Circle... is that a hint of Motorhead?
To quote Henry Rollins "Scar tissue is stronger than regular tissue. Realize the strength, move on." After suffering his second broken collar bone in 2009, Jake was forced to quit guitar and thought his musical career might come to an end. Undeterred, he took up singing and was surprised at how naturally it came. Shortly thereafter Jake teamed up with lifelong musical co-conspirators Sam Gouveia (guitar), Joey Evans (bass), Ryan Long (drums) to form Cast Iron Crow.
Out of the gate the band marveled their native East Bay community with a surge of successful shows and by destroying a Bay Area battle of the bands competition. Praise by Tim Sult of "Clutch", Eddie Hernandez of "All Shall Parish", and a mass of new fans further propelled the band to record their debut full length record "First Edition" at legendary San Francisco institution Hyde St. Studios. "

Well, first I would like to clarify that the following conclusions are the result of the listening of just the three tracks provided for promotional purposes, so it's certainly a representative draw of the album but (although I doubt) maybe not definitive... "alt metal" this is something that speaks certainly to american people but to me, and I think to other europeans, that doesn't tell much and that sounds even a bit pejorative, but ok this is pretty much influenced by grunge cult acts like Alice in Chains and Soundgarden, while honestly I don't hear much any Tool influence, I would rather add Clutch and Black Sabbath to the list...
This indeed reminds the early 90's when great heavy music was still programmed on TV and Radio but the groovy stoner touches give it a modern touch too... I think that can suit to many people from various scenes, being enough heavy, kick-ass stuff !
I really like the first song "beyond the brain" with its slow doomy second part, inducing great sabbath-esque vibes; while "brother" is certainly the track that has caught Tim Sult's attention with an impressively blowing groove and brilliant 70's like heavy rockin' solos. Vocals performance is very talented, I don't know if Jake is particularly as charismatic as his elders but (like Chris Cornnell and Layne Staley), this is the kind of guy whose warm and charming  voice can lead his band very high...
The 3rd song  "people of clay" is  a ballad, well done and probably a future hit but I doubt this was a good idea to put that one as promo when there's just 3 songs presented ... this isn't unpleasant but not my cup of tea at all; that's why I would issue a small reserve, hoping there's no other songs like this one  on the album !!! 
The purpose of this promo is nevertheless succeeded : catch the attention about a very promising hope, that's why I'll be following closely the release of this "1st edition" on  next November 8.

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