Saturday, September 10, 2011

soon in studio again, AUTOPSY about to record 3 new songs for a special release by Peaceville

For about 23 years that I listen them, I must admit that AUTOSPY has brillantly survived the test of time... just like Bolt Thrower and a few others, they'll always have a special place in my rotten mind !
With "the tomb within" and "macabre eternal", Chris Reifert and his buddies have succeeded to achieve THE best comeback in the (death) metal scene of the last few years; if not revered, at least respected by a great part of the doom scene, at the peak of its form, the band now plans again a new recording like they announced it officially yesterday evening... Read this carefully, this special release should be absoultely ESSENTIAL :

"Greetings Sicko's, we go into the studio at the end of October to record 3 new songs. It will be a taste of the new album that will soon follow. The 3 new songs will be released on a special release by Peaceville Records. It will also include all the E.P.s (Tomb Within, Fiend for Blood, Retribution for the Dead, Horrific Obsseion 7", and Funereality) that are out of print. A jackhammer to your skull"
 And now, let's expect finally a full European tour including dates in France !!!

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