Monday, September 12, 2011

"the ruins at dusk" by ARCHON

Sometimes there's biographies that make your "job" easier, enough clear and explicit in all aspects :

"Archon is a Brooklyn based doom / sludge metal band having played in various forms since 2008. Recently, the band completed it's first full
length record The Ruins at Dusk.
Archon is the brainchild of Andrew Jude, formerly of NYC sludge/doom heavyweights Agnosis (who broke up in 2006). Having shared the stage with doom heavyweights such as NYC legends Unearthly Trance, Negative Reaction, Relapse Records-signees Cough, and Brooklyn brethren Hull and Batillus, Archon will bring its unique blend of psychedelics, doom and unrelenting heavy sludge to the masses with the release of The Ruins at Dusk and it's first tour in 2011...
 The Ruins at Dusk is the product of 2+ years of hard work & the collaboration of 7 people. The disc blends the atmospherics of Electric Wizard and Pink Floyd with the epic heaviness of Buried at Sea and Neurosis while maintaining a melodic sensibility reminiscent of doom godfathers St. Vitus and Black Sabbath..."

Well, there's honestly not much to add to this, everything is said with concision, realism and humility...

Containing 4 long songs, rich, epic and complex, "ruins at dusk" (released in December last year) has a total playing of  about 55 minutes which can't leave anyone  indifferent, giving the impression of having taken part in a blackened cosmic odyssey rarely equaled.
Besides the presence of compositor Andrew J. (bass/guit/voc) and his drummer Dan K., the involvement of 5 other people bring a pretty hallucinating variety of moods, from obscure trad doom to blackened stoner/sludge via some psychedelic atmospheres who give a few colours to a rather dark overall set.
 But don't expect here, with those guests, weird or unusual instruments or even keyboards, no they just play guitars or sing but add a real value to the band's original style, with different musical cultures certainly but everything remaining very cohesive in this world of down tuned hypnotic tempos and sheer blackness.

To the references mentioned below, I would just add EVOKEN too, but, you understood it, ARCHON can't be exactly compared to anyone and along with the raw, dark beauty of its crushing and hypnotic power, that's what makes its most significent strength...

Please I want more quickly  maestro !!!

And indeed... I've just received a mail from Andrew who confirms that ARCHON is actually in the process of recording a second full length; it'll contain 4 or 5 songs including "Desert Throne" and "Worthless"... no date exactly planed for the release...

and to the question "any gigs/tour planed for the near future?" :

Andrew answers this : "Archon isn't really a touring band, but we're hoping to do a few shows at some point over the Fall/Winter. Unfortunately, we can't really commit to full-time touring, but we want to play as much as possible. I'd love to bring Archon over to Europe, if the promoters will have us!"

One thing is sure, we'll hear from ARCHON in a much more developped way in 2012 !!!
You can download the CD here for 2 dollars (or more) or buy it physically for 7 dollars :

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