Friday, September 2, 2011

a little chat with Lasse about HOODED MENACE's US dates and "vortex macabre"

A great part of you all should already know that HOODED MENACE signed with Relapse records, their 3rd album "Vortex Macabre" is due to be recorded by the fall of autumn and will contain the following 7 songs :
"Vortex Macabre", "In the Dead We Dwell", "Curses Scribed in Gore", "Crumbling Insanity" "Legend of the Lycanthrope", "Effigies of Evil" "Evoken Vulgarity".
I did a full interview with Lasse a few months ago (read it here if you wish - this was my first publication in english by the way ! - : ) but now  wanted to know his opinion about their first dates in the States last May and the next album on Relapse; here's what he has to say about both these major events in the irresistible rise of the finnish horde, just two questions but developped and interesting answers ...
* About three months later, how did you enjoy the little tour in the US ? Which were your highlights as musician and more personally ?
Lasse : Yep, it was a good experience. It was the first time for all of us to put our foot on the US soil, so even just that was exciting for the small town boys, not to mention the actual performing there. I think Maryland Deathfest was probably the highlight. There was an awesome crowd and all in all it was a great festival. After MDF we headed for Philly and New York with Ilsa and Anhedonist. Especially arriving in New York in Ilsa's van was memorable. I felt almost like I was suddenly  thrown in a movie or something, haha ! You know seing some of those buildings I've been familiar with TV and films since I was a little kid... it was kinda surreal.
I've always been fascinated by big cities, even though I probably wouldn't want to live in one myself but it's awesome to get to visit them. Of course we hadn't time for a proper sightseing, but I'm happy for the views we had on our way to Brooklyn. Also I won't forget the Texas heat. Once we got out of the plane in Austin, I was like "who's blowing a hairdryer right onto my face ?" haha !
* You're hardly working for the new album on Relapse : when do you plan to record and release it ? Is the general musical approach like a logical following to the the 2nd album ? do you feel any special pressure now that you're signed on a bigger label ?
Jori recently left the band to focus on his own bands and Pekka, who played on the previous album and on most of the splits, returned behind the drum kit. Just like "never cross the dead" , the new album will be recorded with Pekka on drums and me handling everything else. Call this strange if you will but this is how it works the best for us, as everyone is involved in other active bands. Live, line-up will be the same as before except for Pekka replacing Jori. Everyone's totally cool with the changes.
I'd say the new album will be a logical continuation to "never cross the dead". There will be even more harmonies and melodies than before. It's more mid-tempo but no sweat... there's still gonna be a lethal dose of utterly heavy downtempo hammering. Downright menacing stuff !  Being signed on a bigger label hasn't bring any pressure. I can't say that I've felt any of that. However, no matter what the label is, making a good follow up album to "never cross the dead" put some pressures I guess. It wasn't too easy to write these new songs as I don't want to repeat myself too much, but then again I don't want to change it too much. So it's afine line... you just have to follow your heart and trust your instincts. Along with the process I realized this is gonna turn out just great. I'm very excited about the new material. I'm too puzzled and too close to it to say more. Recently me and Pekka started practising the new stuff and plan to record in late fall/winter 2011. The album entitled "Vortex Macabre" should be out sometime in 2012.

Here's a live version of their almighty "never cross the dead" from their last gig as opener for ST VITUS !!!

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