Friday, September 9, 2011

some videos of the Kill-Town Deathfest : Grave Miasma, Avulsed, Funebrarum, Cruciamentum, etc...

The "Kill-Town" festival took place last week-end in Copenhagen (Denmark), totally dedicated to underground death metal with many great bands from all over Europe (mainly Scandinavian though) and even Funebrarum from the US, this 2 days edition was a real success according to the bands musicians and present fans...
To confirm that here's a few videos of some of the best representants of this interesting D.I.Y. festival : Grave Miasma and especially Avulsed are known by most fans of the genre but this also  includes some really promising "new" bands, brutally evil as I like !!! I'll try to present you some of them more in depth in the near future..
                                                              Grave Miasma (uk)

                                                                  Vanhelgd (Swe)

                                                              Avulsed (Spain)

                                                            Necrovorous (Gre)

                                                               Funebrarum (US)

                                                             Cerekloth (Den)

                                                                  Degial (Swe)

                                                            Necrovation (Swe)

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