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How is it going in Holland Mr Pierre François ?! an int' with ATOLAH's head-thinking...

With just a 4 songs mini-album called "relics", the name of ATOLAH speaks already to quite many tasteful fans of stoner/sludge/doom who drool for bands like Acid King or early Electric Wizard. Founded a few years ago by Pierre François in Australia, this crushing instrumental trio is now relocated in The Netherlands... Things starting to move again musically, I thought it was time for Pierre to give us fresh news ...

* A few months after your move to Holland, how is life going there? After 5 years in Australia, did you have any special expectations to move for Holland ? Any other country you'd like to live in for the future or do you think you'll be more "steady" geographically ?!
Hey man…Life is very good over here. Things are slowly falling into place but it is a very slow process. I didn’t really have any expectations in particular before moving to the Netherlands. I’m originally not too far from here so it’s all good. I sort of knew what I was in for. I think I’ll stay put for a couple of years now but you never know… right?

* Is this taste for life experiences in foreign countries directly linked to your professional activities ? On a personnal point of view, you're now a lot more close to your native country and family, but do you think that being now in Holland could make things easier for Atolah (concerning gigs/touring especially...) ?
No, they have nothing to do with my moving around the place. It’s just that when I feel like moving I just follow my guts and do it. Being in the Netherlands is a very good spot to be indeed. I am not too familiar with the Dutch scene but it is pretty vibrant from what I have seen. You get to see so many bands, big names as well as locals. Atolah will definitely be touring as soon as we’re ready. Playing in different countries is finally affordable and feasible! I don’t have many contacts in Europe but I am sure we’ll come up with something.

  * As a musician and as a frenchie aged 25 to 30, which memories will remain the best from these 5 years in Australia ? Did you have to face any relational trouble considering France wasn't not that well considered by aussies at least some years ago with nuclear activites in the pacific especially ?
I am at the very high end of that age bracket actually…
Australia was tough on a personnal level man but it was also a magnificent place. I grew from this experience. I met incredible people over there, whether they were my bands mates, or guys from other bands.
 To be honest, I only heard a comment once. But you’re right, I know someone who when she was in high-school, her French teacher had her spelt “France” with a lower case “f” because of the stupid rainbow warrior thing hehe

* How do you give a name to your songs ? for example why giving a name like "el duce" or "weedy Gonzales" (maybe your nickname !?) ?
Well, THAT is a pretty legitimate question…why does one name song after all??...I dunno. It’s just the drive of the whole song I’d say. The imagery that comes to mind. From now on we’ll have lyrics though, not that you should expect any meaning from them.

  * Keeping the name of ATOLAH, you actually found a (dutch) guitarist and started to rehearse again ... any contact for a drummer ? Are you working directly on new songs with the guy or do you prefer him to learn the songs of "relics" before ? Could you speak a bit about new songs ?
I did indeed. Geert (guit) is a great guy and a really talented musician. He’s been involved in music for years and played bass for dutchy doomsters FAAL ( when he wasn’t working on his black metal projects.. Playing in Atolah is probably different to what he is used to playing but from the two jams we had, I could not have found anyone better. We decided to start by writing new material before focusing on the old songs. We’ll deal with this later. I think it’s a better solution as it doesn’t put pressure on the new guy to have to learn someone else’s songs you know. When everyone is comfortable with the new songs, they’ll already have by then a feel of what Atolah is all about.
I have one drummer lined-up but we’re having logistics problems as he is from Amsterdam and has to travel to come jam with us. If it doesn’t work out, we’ll see what else we can do but we definitely want to try this guy first.
Well at this point I can only really talk about one song..which is far from being finished. It’s called “Post Cross and Yoke” and compared to Atolah’s other songs it is…yeah ….heavy(ier?)…As I said we only jammed twice but I’m starting to get a feel of what the whole thing will sound like. I am really psyched.

* Are you contractly attached to Psychedoomelic for your future release(s) ? is "relics" still easily available ? any T-shirt maybe ?
I’d love to work with PsycheDOOMelic again but no, we do not have an on-going contract with them. If Mark is interested, I am sure he’ll be in touch. Otherwise, we’ll try to find someone else I guess. I’m currently having a design done for a shirt. I haven’t seen the end result yet though.
I’m pretty sure “Relics” is an easy album to find yeah…It’s even on sale on some sites hahah. There are lots of distros out there doing their jobs, and the PsycheDOOMelic website of course. But if you want it from the band directly, I only have 2 copies left I think.

  * The cover of the album let suggest that ATOLAH has an occult dimmension, how do you think it is materialized in your music and identity ?
These goats… They can be so deceiving. The cover art is actually a picture my friend from Iceland took ages ago…it was just hanging out in a field, freezing its balls off. (!!!!)
I really have no idea about Atolah having an occult dimension though. The foundations of this genre of music were layed a long time ago. We’re just kind of playing by the rules while having our own spin on it you know. I am not too concerned about being occult or not to be honest haha

* Thanx Pierre, all the best to you in Holland and hope to see a new album released in 2012 ! anything to add ?
Cheers dude. Thanks for the interview. I really appreciate it. Keep on doing a great job and thanks for inducting us in the Temple of Perdition. Let us know if you ever come down  to our neck of the woods.!/pages/Atolah/188747184487517

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