Monday, September 19, 2011

announcing Hellfest 2012 and other gigs for a spectacular comeback : ARCTURUS !!!

Great news about the legendary atmospheric/progressive black metal band from Oslo which is back after 4 years of break...
ARCTURUS just played the Southern Discomfort festival in Kristiansand, Norway. More gigs are being booked, and here’s some of them :
14-01-2012 @ Mega Club in Katowice, Poland.
04-02-2012 @ Gagarin 205 in Athens, Greece
04-04-2012 @ Inferno Festival - Norway

ARCTURUS will also be playing a special French festival in 2012 :

15-06-2012 @ Clisson - HELLFEST !!!

This is confirmed here by Mythology agency :

(as well as a gig in Helsinki for d.USK !  luckily it was nearly obvious that just a Roadburn date was a too long trip, more dates are expected certainly...)

If you’re on Facebook, join the official Arcturus page at

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