Wednesday, September 21, 2011

"false mystical prose" by GALLOW GOD

"false mystical prose" is the debut release of GALLOW GOD from England, I don't know if that's more of a mini album or a full length but it lasts 37 minutes, containing 4 long songs of slow traditional doom metal.

I know, there's so many bands flourishing constantly from everywhere that it's sometimes not so easy to make choices, but by nature when you hear or read "english doom" this is generally a guarantee of quality and there's absolutely no exception here with this dark and thoughtful band that is by no means to be taken lightly.

I feel often quickly bored or tired with ultra slow funeral stuff, GALLOW GOD is slow, extremely dark and bleak but still has enough power to catch your constant attention. This is crushingly heavy and miserable but also thougtful and emotional, with a more melodic accent than some finnish bands from the same kind such Fall Of The Idols.

The general atmosphere could remind a gloomier Warning, not far an early Cathedral too by moments with . hints of epicness à la Candlemass bringing a nice little touch of brightness

Vocals are mainly sorrowful and haunting, clear and mournfully melodic but at times elegant and enchanting reminding some doom/death acts of the early 90's, both ways they are perfectly accurate to the music; I think that vocalist Dan Tibbals has large abilities and could provide even more epicness to his way of singing but maybe a more dense production could have helped more.
This was first a self-financed affair, so the financial possibilities for recording were certainly a bit limited ; something that will be obviously corrected with the new album which is already recorded and due to be released within the next months through Psychedoomelic and I'm sure this will show an even more assertive identity.
As for now, this "false mystical prose" is already a solid and superb first foundation of a new cathedral that could quickly reach the peaks of doom. Get it here (CD or vynil) :

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