Wednesday, September 14, 2011

another schön release on Church Within rds : SPANCER "greater than the sun"

Another release from the almighty german label due to be released tomorrow (along with Sigiriya, which I reviewed last week)... SPANCER formed about 12 years ago and deliver here their 3rd album, the 2nd issued on Oli's label after "slowly we rock" three years and a half ago.  As the previous title and the biography let it suppose, these guys have a great sense of humor, but believe me we deal here with some very very serious stuff !  some bad ass SLUDGE carefully enriched with doom and stoner elements ... Imagine a mix between Eye Hate God, Sleep, Winter, Grief The Obsessed and Lynyrd Skynyrd... sounds pretty outstanding ? Yes that is, I've honestly rarely heard something so heavy, sick and transcendental at the same time !!!   There's two major bassists here which create a massive wall of crushing heaviness, while the guitar is more here to compensate by top notch obscure psychedelic or even sometimes southern effects, than bringing on more agression. Vocals are rather typically sludge, somewhere between Mike Williams and Dave "Dixie" Collins, raw and angered  but  a few times cleaner and harmonious which show  some welcome sensibility.                 Just 4 songs here for about 45 minutes, pretty long structures but never boring or repetitive at any moment; my fave one being "agent sirus" : thick, smashing with the more developped southern bluesy touches. If someone thinks that Sludge sounds just like dirty chaos with vomited vocals, he should listen to this band and will just need one listening of "greater than the sun" to change his mind about that ! 
Sure this is crushing and chaotic (in the positive sense !) but very structured, airy and terribly catchy... These guys are scortched but extremely talented, exactly the right definition of good Sludge for me, so this is a real must-have. After his holidays in San Fransisco, give some work to Oli and order this one now !!!  


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