Friday, September 23, 2011

"In Partibus Infidelium" by EVANGELIST

                                                                                   EVANGELIST claim with force to be the first epic doom metal band from Poland... After dozens of more or less average grind and atmospheric death bands in the late 80's /early 90's, this country has since then  just proved potencial through 2 or 3 major death metal acts like Vader, Decapitated or Behemoth, nothing except if I started suddenly suffering from Alzheimer's disease, I can't contradict them on the point that doom metal has never been really represented in the scene by any serious polish band. But now EVANGELIST's first album "In Partibus Infedilium" has everything required to change those facts, even if the band is pretty mysterious (no infos about the line up, no gigs,etc...) , the essential is the music and these guys have a lot of solid arguments for that, exposed during the six songs that last about 40 minutes.
What comes first to mind is the professionalism of the whole stuff, from the cover to the production, and most essentially  musically with deeply sharped and developed skills... Formed in 2003, EVANGELIST is more than mature, things have been done in order and very well done.
Musically, they apply very carefully the good old recipes of epic doom metal  concocted by Candlemass in their early days : heavy and melodic riffage, pounding drums, amazing technical solos and elegant vocals which could be a nice cross between Johan Langquist and Messiah Marcolin... no kidding, this is an excellent performance !
This is the kind of (too rare) bands who help you to remind that epic doom metal is as much influenced by heavy metal from the early 80's than by old Black Sabbath and believe me this has really a delightful taste !
PSYCHEDOOMELIC has again released here a very interesting affair, sure it's not necessarily flashy with a marketed and generic occult approach or whatever unoriginal but selling characters, but this is perfectly well executed, sincere and totally dedicated to the true spirit of epic heavy/doom metal, so help them getting a well-deserved larger attention, you won't regret your investment.

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