Monday, September 12, 2011

4 questions to Kimi from LORD VICAR about immediate actuality...

This Finnish band has drawn a well-deserved attention from the whole doom planet, first  since its creation by the identity of its both core members - Peter Vicar (guitar) who has left a tremendous legacy to the scene with his previous band Reverend Bizarre and Chritus (ex Count Raven & St Vitus and actually in Weekend Beast too) -  and then with their majestuous 1st album "fear no pain" released  on Church Within rds... The split ep with Circle has shown a serious development towards something more personnal but just one song wasn't enough, the new album is urgently awaited to confirm their exceptionnal potencial... as I told it a few weeks ago, the fatidical date is scheduled for next 31th October ! "the signs of Osiris" now recorded and important gigs to come within the next weeks, I felt like an obvious necessity to ask Kimi Kärki (formerly known also as Peter Vicar) a few questions : 

* How did you enjoy recording the new album ? I've read that it sounds pretty different from your previous works and needs time to really get into and enjoy all its richness, in a few words could you tell its main differences/evolutions ?
The recording process was relatively painless, we strived for a more relaxed performance, almost live feel, and I think we got that vibe after a few obstacles... I love the sound, it's heavy and really natural, the production sounds old, heavy and crisp at the same time... It is musically much much more ambitious than Fear No Pain album, and it goes to many musical directions. The main theme of the Signs of Osiris album is violence, be it through wars, religion, or human relationships. I think it is the sound of a band that has matured a lot together, the musical and narrative quality makes it the favourite musical work I have participated so far. I am quite excited to get it out for people to hear!

* You're soon going to play an already mythic gig in Athens with Candlemass and Trouble, I suppose you're ultra motivated and that represent a very special show for you particularly in this town full of history ?
I love Hellas, have played three gigs there before, but this is the first time with Lord Vicar. I know Greeks love their metal and I have seen some of the most passionate crowds there. Needless to say, playing with these bands -- the two mentioned and also legendary Hell -- will be something special for us again. We will bleed for our art, that much is certain!

* On a more personnal point of view, you're going to give soon an accoustic (solo) gig too, is it your 1st ? do you have concrete plans of recording for this project ?
I have done a few before, all in Finland and really low profile. But I have to say Dublin is a great place to perform this kind of sombre singer/songwriter material, and I am looking forward to it as a new kind of uplifting challenge. I have songs for a full length, would like someone to release it on vinyl at some point. Of course I'd need the time and finances to record the album... There have been some talks about that as well. 
* Finally, it's just been announced that you will play a special gig at Hammer Of Doom 6 festival, to launch the new album...
Yeah, I continue from Dublin directly to Germany for this, so it's going to be some trip, haha! Can't wait for that one, there are so many killer bands and good friends around... In particular, seeing Yet So Far, that is, Revelation with Dennis, Jim and Steve to play again after all these years... It was back in 2003 when we did the first foreign tour of Reverend Bizarre with them and Mirror of Deception... Great memories, even if we called it 'The Sickness Tour ".                                                                                                                        

Thanx a lot Kimi for your kindness and reactivity !!! 

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