Friday, March 29, 2013

... Get high : BLACK MOTH CULT 'The Fountain of Tantric Worship'

Black Moth Cult is a French quatuor coming from Toulon (or the "French Riviera" - which sounds more exciting for sure !) who formed in 2011 and has just released its full-length debut album earlier this month. Mystically called 'The Fountain of Tantric Worship', it contains 10 ripping songs for a stimulating 40 minutes experience.

Let's say it frankly this is a very very interesting band, that's why I'm not gonna review this album in depth... !!!??? I will come back to B.M.C. with an interview shortly, think it will be more fruitful cause I don't want to use again superlatives after having already censed quite many other french bands recently and also mostly because I've reviewed a good number of Stoner stuff recently and - feeling a bit limited in my vocabulary - I don't want to write again and again about the same words while this band would deserve better treatment !

It could seem a bit unfair towards a couple of others but if there's actually another Stoner french band that would deserve to be signed on the referent Small Stone rds, I would name right away Black Moth Cult... their sound and potential are clearly built to that destiny anyway !

The guys play Stoner Rock that's a fact, nothing distinctive here in France where this style is certainly the most represented in terms of heavy sounds, but not the too often typical Kyuss or Clutch-like types of Stoner, more the Swedish like (think about Truckfighters, Greenleaf, Dozer and even Skanska Mörd) which is uncommon and here stunningly infused, add some welcome hints of Desert Rock and punchy Alternative 90's rock (an influence from Queens of the Stone Age could embody those), you've got the explosive, fuzzy, yet melodic and hazy Stoner Rock those guys tightly deliver.

More than simple icing on the cake are those excellent vocals by Timothey Gelly; damn, he's really bluffing, at ease with blowing energy on the heavier moments, classy and soulful along with soaring melodic guitars, brilliant on the bluesy/foklish closer of the album 'Vintage Wines'... I've been a bit sceptical towards some vocal tones from french, spanish or italian singers in some recent reviews but here it's a pleasure to listen a faultless warm performance on this crucial point, he brings the band to a truly high level. 

Now do yourself a favour, listen this with attention and soon a contagious addiction... This is only digitally available as for now but vynil and cd editions are due to be released soon; finally, watch out for that intie soon on T.o.P. !!!

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