Thursday, March 14, 2013

... At dawn of times : NIBIRU "Caosgon"

Formed in summer of 2012 by RI (bass and liturgic organ), Ardath (guitar,voice) and Siatris (drums, percussions and Virus), old friends in search of new sounds after their departure from Tronus Abyss, NIBIRU come from the north of Italy and (self)released at the end of february their debut album "Caosgon"...

Recorded "at home" in live conditions, it consists in 5 pretty long songs - for a total duration of 51 minutes from an original mixture of drone/sludge and psychedelism with an ambient, ritualistic touch, enhanced by the use of enochian language and some gothic/industrial influences too ! Another band which is not afraid to blend (successfully) different genres in its own concept; in any cases this is an interesting change and even alternative to the usual Wizard-or-Bong-something often too easily predictable in their weedy moods, while naturally NIBIRU comes into its own at reasonably loud volumes with headphones and in a state that can hardly be clean,  neither totally positive...

From the first notes of "Invokation I : the acid skull", NIBIRU is firmly dark and droney, drowning you into a bath of mixed feelings - from fright to mystical welfare; I feel there's an interesting balance between bleak sufferance and a sort of uncontrolled inner-exaltation which brings something special to the table. Vocals are responsible for a great part on this - with a lot of weird reverb and that tone which is kinda ancestral and visceral at the same time.

"Smashanam, the crematorium ground of Kaly" is more dissonant and not far being a real piece of meaty sludge with angered vocals. "Aster Argos" comes back to ambient/drone territories, reminding in a way the golden days of Cold Meat Industry in the early-mid 90's, just more heaviness and soaring melodies make it different.
The amazing "Invokation IV..."  gains progressively and mercilessly in intensity to reach a gnarly gothic/industrial tempo, that clearly remind Alien Sex Fiend , this time just replace their unpredictable crazyness by something heavier and darker. The prominent galloping bass leads the dance macabre with a layered guitar and make it a very catchy song.

Last song "Umbra Venefica" got maybe the most airy tempo with melodic psychedelic guitar but it keeps a solemn caracter with samples of religious chants and closes this album which needs logically a few listenings to unlock its full potential. 

With limited but ultimately optimized recording conditions, all instruments are correctly listenable, including the liturgic organ which perfectly  serves the general mood of this  session : nebulous, sacred, obscure, sensuous, instinctive, invocative and transcendental... some of those caracters that we can also find in Ufomammut, though Nibiru doesn't sound as experimental (for the moment), even if listening to them is a true enchanting experience in itself !!!

Pay attention to the fact that songs on Bandcamp are not all complete and in the same order as the CD, for example "Invokation I..." is the opener on the CD and lasts 18 minutes while it's the closer on streaming with just 10 minutes, something they forgot to mention for potential buyers...

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