Friday, March 8, 2013


Once is not custom, we gonna deal here with a couple of DEATH METAL bands... and French ones s'il vous plait !!! (I'm repeating but dealing with DM has always been and will always remain exceptionnal... keep that in mind).
To my ears both these bands have common points in delivering extremely heavy, fast, raw and brutal DM with an amazing old-school touch - but nothing too blatant, no travesty feelings here , just what is necessary to make it delightfully putrid and relentless. The main difference between each is that -at times- one has a brutally evilized thrashy edge (à la Possessed) where the other's sound alternates regularly between crushing mid-tempos and ferociously grinding blasts...

First band is THE SEVEN GATES and their killer NEW demo "MMXIII" which contains two songs called "Polymorph Demon" and "Of Gods...Of Saints...Of Graves".
After their first full length "Angel of Suffering" released on Heavy Artillery rds in 2009, this is self-released as for now but should hopefully lead to a path with a new label, such ripping stuff deserves better than just digital format...
Michel Dumas (guitarist, compositor) remains a reference in the genre, often compared to a (respectable) copycat of Trey Azagthoth and consequently of (old) Morbid Angel - in the ancient times of Mutilated and Abyssals (his old bands from 1986 to approximately 1995), the guy didn't depart much from his origins with The Seven Gates, maybe a bit thrashier, his style gained considerably in consistency with a solid and conquerant line-up... Give this an immediate listen !

French buried minds won't be much surprised by my choice of SAVAGE ANNIHILATION to compose this special feature with T.S.G. ; opening for american veterans Pyrexia, both bands played last Sunday in Paris and -as said before- are sharing about the same vision of DM : raw, brutal, fast, blasting with sick soloing; though S.A. are more rough and grinding than T.S.G.
 Their debut full-length "Cannibalisme, hérésie et autres sauvageries"   (yes, vocals are in french - which is something pretty unique for the genre) released a few months ago through Kaotoxin records is a nice masterpiece of putrid and shredding sounds, check it out !

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