Tuesday, March 5, 2013

... FREE download : BUSO VON KOBRA ep

"Drop tuned guitars, melodic vocals, mid-tempo songs, straddle-legged epic rock poses, lot of beer and energy drink, and some spirit.In 2008 these things blended together in the Buso Von Kobra feeling.
Since then we added visual effects, special montages from classic Z-category movies by Ed Wood (Bride Of The Monster and Plan9 From Outer Space) and from the cult sexploitation and zombie motion pictures.So BUSO VON KOBRA band makes audiovisual gigs that activates all of your senses.
In January 2013 we released a 5 song EP that’s available for free download from here: Facebook-Soundcloud-Reverbnation.We plan to release another 5 pieces EP later this year..."

Check out this FREE dowloadable EP from this pretty interesting Grunge/Stoner band coming out from Budapest (Hungary); they didn't reinvent the wheel and certainly won't have a place in next Tarantino's soundtrack, but people who enjoy listening solid descendants of SOUNDGARDEN and KYUSS should find their count here ... !

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