Friday, March 22, 2013

... Friday DM special : DEUS OTIOSUS, MORGENGRAU, KRYPTS !!!

"Friday Death Metal special" is a new section that from now on you'll find in T.o.P., maybe not every week but regularly...
I'll try to present here new albums that could interest you (just truly underground bands, there's dozens of mags to deal with the biggest ones and also be sure that this won't include any crappy modern-like stuff), hopefully only creepy, sick and relentless Metal of Death will find its place here !!!  

Out from Denmark, DEUS OTIOSUS formed in 2005 and released five years later their debut album "Murderer", but we're now talking about "Godless", their new album released a few months ago on Deepsend records...

Sinister and nicely heavy, this album is fairly recommendable for fans of classic US Death Metal !

Extrinsic Pathway from Traditional Death Metal foursome MORGENGRAU will be released Tuesday April 2, 2013 through Blind God Records. The debut effort from the Austin band features eight tracks of classic death metal in the vein of PESTILENCE, ASPHYX, and IMMOLATION. In other words, Death metal in the early 90s style!
 Extrinsic Pathway will be available direct from the band via BandCamp, as well as through CDBaby, Amazon, iTunes, Spotify, AmazonMP3 and Rhapsody. The album was recorded at Amplitude Media in Austin, TX and mixed/mastered at Endarker Studio, Sweden by Magnus (Devo) Andersson of MARDUK.

Easily one of the most anticipated Finnish death metal releases of this decade, Unending Degradation from Helsinki's KRYPTS has been released about a month ago via Dark Descent Records with vinyl treatment coming from Me Saco Un Ojo.

While the trademark KRYPTS' sounds from the 2009 demo and 2011 EP are there (lumbering low-end, bone-crunching riffs and toxic vocals), Unending Degradation showcases a band which has honed their craft and deliver here one of 2013's must-have death metal releases.

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