Thursday, January 5, 2012

"Human Forbidden" by FAR PLAIN

FRANCE has got incredible talents, aren't you convinced by that ?!!! I AM and don't give a fuck if it's Doom, Metal, HC, Stoner or ... Grunge;  as long as it's powerful, catchy and breathes sweat and heaviness, I'm more than ok with it !
FAR PLAIN doesn't belong to any underground metal category (even if the beautiful cover could let it think), they are playing something let's say more accessible, but anyway I think they can really do something in and outside France. They're certainly resourceful but they can also count on Domino Media, a great promotion agency that does a rather fantastic job for talented  Metal/Grunge/Stoner/Alternative bands (like DIRGE, HOOKA KEY, HELMUT, JUNE DEVILLE... already reviewed here).
Well, it remains undisputed that the main thing is music of course and on that point the parisian quartet FAR PLAIN is a solid band at my ears and "human forbidden" their sophomore album  (via New Genesis Ltd) is here to prove it with a great improvement on their debut "Portae Lucis". One of the reasons is obviously the topless production work, giving honor to each instrument and a massive approach when sheer heaviness and power take hold of them ( often but maybe still not enough at my taste...)
Oh, sure, the influences of american Grunge titans of the 90's are still very present (think mainly about SOUNDGARDEN, NIRVANA and STONE TEMPLE PILOTS musically, just remove the last about the -top notch- vocals) but the overall is heavier and there's even a little dark touch that tends to reinforce a more mature identity. 
There's a certain duality here, indeed you'll  alternatively find : some good potencial hits ("until the sun goes down", the Cobainesque "DHV", "tired" and "I've burnt the letters") full of sweet melodies with the traditionnal melancholic edge; this, while the other songs ("orgasmic junky", "live stronger", "these sins are mine" or the excellent "distance in your eyes") are heavily loaded by well-balanced rythms with nice melodies and excellent twisted solos; some parts are often really groovy and powerful, eyeing slightly on refined but gnarly STONER Rock (à la early QOTSA)  for your greatest pleasure. 
Even if this is technically faultless, with a perfect vocalist (definitely one of our best voice actually, all styles considered) I would reproach this too systematic alternance of these two kind of songs; 1 or 2 ballads that's ok, for ears, like mine, who like to suffer !
Maybe it's regrettable to think that way, but at some point, you have to choose your camp , because I fear some people will find them too commercial in some way, which is certainly not at all the truth. The market has changed and (in my opinion) what was possible twenty years ago, could now be apparented as having your ass between two chairs...
All this considered, "human forbiden" is globally attractive and convincing, and I'm sure that a bright future awaits them. 
Sorry guys I'm maybe too much METAL !!! les coups et les douleurs comme on dit... mais comme disait cette bonne vieille Mémé Jacquet : "muscles ton jeu Robert et ça va le faire" !!!!  ;)

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