Thursday, January 26, 2012

cover and trax listing of AUTOPSY's "all tomorrow's funerals" revealed + pre-order available

‘All Tomorrow’s Funerals’, is the latest chapter in the history of the death metal legends. This monstrous release contains new studio tracks recorded late 2011 - including a re-recorded version of classic oldie 'Mauled to Death' - plus all of Autopsy's past EP's & rarities which have been specially remastered by the band themselves, totalling 22 tracks all together, resulting in over 73 minutes of sickness. Everything from 'Retribution For The Dead' & 'Fiend for Blood', to the now sold-out 'The Tomb Within' is present, including liner notes from the band and new cover art from renowned artist Matt Cavotta (also responsible for the 'The Tomb Within' cover).

This edition of 'All Tomorrow's Funerals' is presented on double gatefold vinyl.

Preorder now for 20th February 2012 release date here at PEACEVILLE
1. All tomorrow's funerals
2. Broken people
3. Mauled to death
4. Maggot holes

5. The tomb within
6. My corpse shall rise
7. Seven skulls
8. Human genocide
9. Mutant village

10. Horrific obsession
11. Feast of the graveworm
12. Funereality
13. Fiend for blood
14. Keeper of decay
15. Squeal like a pig

16. Ravenous freaks
17. A different kind of mindfuck
18. Dead hole
19. Retribution for the dead
20. Destined to fester
21. In the grip of winter
22. Sign of the corpse

and now what about viewing about 15 minutes from their latest live set available on youtube ? WUAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

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