Thursday, January 19, 2012

French METAL special - SOGGY BOG radioshow 59

Nothing more to add than what follows, except that you should have a good time enjoying this show !!! 
Thanx BOB :-)

let the maestro introduce the programm :

"Good show this week featuring great music from the country of France as well as an interview with Neige of Alcest. This week i mixed up the show a bit, played some black metal, doom and some traditional heavy metal and rock. Hope you enjoy it! Of course a special thanks to Neige for the interview!"

Trust-Police Milicia
Children of Doom-Doom, be Doomed or Fuck off
Hangmans Chair-Paris Spleen Part 2
Rising Dust-Dark side of the 70's

Interview with Neige Part 1

Alcest-Nous Sommes L'Emeraude
Treponem Pal-Too Many Humans
Year of No Light-Disorder (Joy Division cover)
Dead Mountain Mouth-Comeback and Destroy
Glorior Belli-Chaos Manifested
Deathspell Omega-Have you beheld the fevers?
Blut Aus Nord-Epitome X
Wheelfall-It comes from the Mist

Interview with Neige Part 2

Alcest-Beings of Light
Barabbas-Horizon Golgotha
A Very Old Ghost Behind the Farm-A Possessed Man
Cult of Occult-Walking in the Desert
Celeste-Ces belles de rêve aux verres embués
Stangala-Doom Rock GlaziK

Background Music by Moevot of Les Legions Noires

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