Monday, January 23, 2012

Ambient/Drone from Reading UK : "origin of I" by NYOGTHA

Coming from Reading (UK), DRONE/AMBIENT duo NYOGTHA released their sophomore album - origin of "I" - last Autumn... To be honest, I'm usually not particularly excited when talking about DRONE stuff, but this is more by lack of knowledge than anything else, cause little by little I am convinced that there's great gems to find in this style.. GREG(O)RIANS had recently helped me to open my ears to those obscure, mystic, noisy moods, but NYOGTHA is now a next important step in  my Drone's taming !!! 

Sure DRONE / AMBIENT stuff are not something easy to get into, this can be considered somewhat  repetitive, noisy or soporific; I think this must be listened in different conditions than your usual Doom/Stoner stuff, alone with headphones, just enough stoned but not too much and not puting the sound too loud to catch all the sounds and enjoy a music that is more rich than what one could generally think...
Where GREG(O)RIANS had some true SLUDGE moments and an extremely massive and heavy approach of  DRONE/NOISE, NYOGTHA is a lot more AMBIENT and I don't feel that they're noisy at all, even if of course this is not for sensitive ears ... This is very scary and morbid, completely doomed  and mysticwith a deep ritualistic identity; vocals by Tanith Griffiths are alternatively plaintive, terrified as if death was chasing here,  and sometimes sounding like mournful whispers which accentuates the ambient edge (and secondarily to realize we've got here female vocals !).
4 songs for about 70 minutes with a peak of 27 mns for "the birth of consciousness" that never lead to boredom or "grosse fatigue", always keeping you awaken in this very disturbing journey.
I'm not enough aware to eventually point notable influences, I can just cite bands they're into like SWANS, FIELDS OF THE NEPHILIM, VON, SUNN O))), EARTH, THERGOTHON, SKEPTICISM... that should maybe help to draw the portrait !
If you're usually into DRONE, I'm almost sure that this band will retain your attention and if you're not, but like extremely Morbid ambiances, I advise you to test this album, you may be very pleasantly surprised...

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