Friday, January 6, 2012

"Mannus Millenium XII tour" by HUATA - come to the sabbath !

 Their debut album "Atavist of Mann" finally released this month, HUATA is about to do a 1st little tour to promote it  :  2 dates in France (Nancy and Lille), along with their first steps abroad with a gig in Tournai (Belgium) and another special one at Roermond (Holland) for the MUDFEST  with Toner Low, Year Of No Light, Mars Red Sky...
Considered as one of our best hopes in the Doom/Stoner genres, I can  honestly attest that a live performance of HUATA is something extremely loud, fuzzy and deeply ceremonial... so if you're from one of this area, do not miss them ! and in all cases, watch out for the album which (in my opinion) will be a MASSIVE surprise for many people.

"through the great pure north we'll preach,
agarthian emissaries of the luminous prince,
harbinger of ancient rites and glorious fuzz, 
come, come to the sabbath !"

                                            "lords of the flame" live at Ubu -Rennes- 03/2011

                                                           teaser for "Atavist of Mann"
(get there all the infos from the different labels who release the album)
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