Monday, January 23, 2012

now available on Vynil : CULTURA TRES album "El Mal Del Bien"

The vinyl version of CULTURA TRES sophomore album "El Mal Del Bien" is now also up for grabs directly from the band on their bandcamp page. For the moment it is available at the special price of pay-what-you-want, with a minimum of 5 Euros!!! 
Originally, "El Mal Del Bien" was released in South America on March 19, 2011 and is still getting some pretty good glowing approval from fans and underground media.

The limited edition of 1000 copies on black 180 grams vinyl is released through CULTURA TRES own label Dead Plan Records. It comes in a high-quality pack with original artwork by Jaap "Mudgate" Melman and with immediate download of the album in format of your choice.

Take your copy now!
Track list:
01. Propiedad De Dios
02. Purified
03. Los Muertos De Mi Color
04. El Sur De La Fe
05. No Es Mi Verdad
06. The Grace
07. El Mal Del Bien
08. Voices
09. Tres Seis Diez Dos (digital only bonus track)
10. Your Call (digital only bonus track)
11. Holy GraveYard (digital only bonus track)
12. Black Sabbath (digital only bonus track)

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