Wednesday, January 25, 2012

a dissonant psychedelic collaboration from HOTEL WRECKING CITY TRADERS & Gary ARCE

HOTEL WRECKING CITY TRADERS are an instrumental duo who have been dislodging earwax, busting strings and  sticks and blowing minds since 2007... Their album "Black Yolk" being so far their most consistent and interesting effort (among eps), this 12 inch vynil is the result of a very promising collaboration with Gary Arce (guitarist from YAWNING MAN) as a three piece and has been released last spring via Bro Fidelity records.
Just two long songs of about 10 minutes here and more than ever before, even if 1st one "coventina's cascade" starts in a pretty slow ethereal atmosphere, LOUD volumes, fuzziness  and noisy PSYCHEDELISM prevail here. This band can easily suit to fans of OM, MONKEY 3 or CARLTON MELTON...
If there's naturally a large place for dissonant and very powerful riffing, the shared pleasure of both guitarists to play together is really palpable and reinforces something yet constant in the band : the crunchy  improvised-like guitar parts ! But what could surprise the most is the pretty outstanding drumming from Ben Wrecker with a very punchy style , especially  those hammering bass-drums (it's obviously not a coincidence if Nick Oliveri invited him personnally for the Mondo Generator tour in the US back in 2010 !).
Both songs are long OK but they're so great and catchy that we would expect more urgently and 2012 should satisfy this wish... Indeed HWCT is actually working on a US tour  for mid 2012 (featuring Gary Arce on 2nd guitar), shows are yet confirmed with YAWNING MAN and FATSO JETSON, plus a recording session is due to take place in California with legendary producer Scott Reader; beautiful and exciting projects that should allow the band to reach an even more substantial audience... Waiting for this, you have got a few months to discover this crazy instrumental Australian band !

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