Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The origins of HM band names : FROM THE MINDS OF MADNESS

Ever wonder how your favorite Metal band got its name?

This release explores 300+  bands origins from the band members themselves!
covering almost every genre of heavy metal from stoner metal to black metal to speed metal to death metal and everything in between.

Like My Dying Bride

“The name of the band is inexplicably linked to the death of my mother back in 1988, which plunged my life into complete and inescapable darkness and grief, from which I have yet to fully recover. When our group came to fruition, a name was sought and being 1990 the Death Metal scene was snowballing to greatness so we naturally shunned all the other corpse murdering virgin slaying bible burning nonsense for something much more heart rendering, as that was where our musical outpourings would come.

“With great tragedy so close to me, a name akin to my feelings was required, of lost love and hopeless dreams. Two names were banded about; My Dying Bride or My Dying Child, and Bride won out due to the utter forlorn state one would succumb to at such a time; and the fact that I am a diehard romantic lost in 17th centuryEnglandunable, nay, unwilling to escape to modernity.

“My Dying Bride compose tunes in dark and melancholic ways that leave many a folk whimpering and heart-weary and yet, they always come back for more because as we all know too well, a tear shed is a lesser burden to carry.”

Aaron Stainthorpe (vocals)

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